Welcome to the Alrov Mamilla Avenue Gates

Curator’s words – Mrs. Zipi Vital

Alrov Mamilla Avenue, the beating heart of Jerusalem displays the New Jerusalem, seamlessly bridging modern Jerusalem with the Old City.

With determination and persistence Mr. Alfred Akirov, the project developer, succeeded in realizing the vision of the Alrov Mamilla Avenue project. Only a man with a vision, someone who wholeheartedly believes in the project, its importance and raison d'être, can make such a dream come true. The Alrov Mamilla project was planned by the world-renowned Israeli architect Mr. Moshe Safdie.

The project has a distinct mark of both past and future, balancing the character of Jerusalem with perfect environmental compatibility and fascinating visual richness. People from the world over come to see the prestigious gem in the heart of Jerusalem, the city that is holy for all peoples and religions.

Mamilla Avenue displays the sculptures of leading artists from Israel and the world. The exhibition, that changes once a year, has become a significant platform for creating a direct connection between Israel’s artists and the public. The exhibitions provide a unique opportunity for the general audience to enjoy an enriching cultural experience in an open and inviting space - the special atmosphere of the Alrov Mamilla complex.

This year’s exhibition, thirteen overall, is “Along the Avenue”.

The sculptures are exhibited along Mamilla Avenue for the enjoyment of the countless visitors from Israel and the world that can take pleasure in the unique and select exhibitions.

It has been a great honor to travel the width and breadth of the country, carefully select the sculptures while striving to maintain a sensitive and respectful balance between the many artists, and I am thankful for this opportunity granted me.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those partnering with me on this welcome initiative. To the loyal team that dedicates hours on end of hard work to ensure the success of the exhibitions year after year, and to Mamilla management for the extensive resources and investment that are by no means something to be taken for granted.

The exhibited works are for sale – each work is accompanied by the artist’s name and the artwork number.

To purchase – Zipi Vital – exhibition curator and producer 0544666969 – 026360000.